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The Importance and Power of Our Words

Our words are powerful. On February 5, 2012, our 6th grade Sunday School Class recorded this 82 second sound file after discussion how our words can be used to help as well as hurt. The choice is ours.

James 3:2
James 3:7-12

Power of our Words: Sticks and Stones

Obedience and Faith

We recorded this 2 minute audio recording of verses from James, Galatians, Romans and 1 John which we discussed in 6th grade Sunday school class today, focusing on the themes of obedience and faith.

Brainstorming about Obedience and Faith

How and Why to Pray Radio Show

Today in our sixth grade Sunday School class we created a three minute radio show reviewing what we learned last week about praying persistently (Luke 11:5-10) and this week. Our verses this week, Psalm 119:9-16, highlight how studying and obeying God’s Word keeps us from sinning.

These are some photos of our radio show plan and our group planning time.

Radio Show Plan

Group Planning Time

Be sure to also check out the finger puppet video we created last week about Luke 11:9-16.

1st BlastCast Podcast of 2011

Today our fifth graders recorded a short audio podcast about some of the themes and topics we’ve been discussing in Sunday School this year since the Christmas holidays. The audio recording is just over three minutes long.

Several photos of our work this morning planning our podcast are available.

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Why are we not perfect?

(If you’re looking for our podcast recording from December 6th, this is it! Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog to receive email updates, using the form in the right sidebar.)

Today in our 5th grade Sunday School class we continued our unit of study focusing on the question, “What is the point?” We talked about how there are so many images and themes all around us at Christmastime, but often VERY few of these have to do with Jesus and his birth! We listened to the free Pandora Internet Radio Channel “Peaceful Holidays” and viewed some secular holiday images/themes represented in the Flickr Group, “A Very Flickr Christmas.” (There are over 50,000 shared Christmas photos in this group, and none of the ones we saw had anything to do with Jesus, his birth, the church, or Christianity!)

We discussed whether or not it is a sin to be “tempted,” and Matthew 4:1-11 (New International Version) when Jesus was tempted in the desert by the devil. We talked about how it is not a sin to be tempted, but our actions and choices determine whether or not we sin when we face temptation. While Jesus WAS tempted, he did not give in to temptation and always responded to temptation with the “sword of the spirit:” God’s word.

We next listened to our podcast recording from class two weeks ago, when we considered the question, “Why Did God Create Me?” We played images from the Flickr Creative Commons image search for “nativity Christmas” as we listened to our five minute podcast, and then discussed some of the “answers” we heard our classmates share during that audio recording.

We played a game of tag that proved to be very challenging because of the difficult rules we had to follow, and then talked about how that game connects to our theme today, “Why are we not perfect?” We then broke into three groups for a jigzaw activity. Each group read and discussed one of the following verses, discussing how it applied or related to our question, “Why are we not perfect?”

  1. Genesis 1:26-27; Genesis 1:31 (New International Version)
  2. Psalm 139:13-16 (New International Version)
  3. Romans 8:35-39 (New International Version)

Finally, we recorded a seven minute podcast, discussing these verses and how they apply to our theme, “Why are we not perfect?” Please listen to our podcast and share feedback as comments on this post.

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Our Questions for Parents and Pastors

Today in our 5th grade Sunday school class, we brainstormed questions about the Bible, God, the world, and our faith that students have. We recorded this 2 min, 10 sec podcast of our questions. Please respond to one or more of our questions by calling the following phone number (long distance to New York, so use a cell phone) and entering our unique extension:

646-462-4031 x 08096

Here are our questions!

We wrote these questions on the SMARTboard and then made this recording. In addition to hearing us ask these questions, you can also view our written questions in this SlideShow.

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Where can we start to share our faith?

These are reflections from our 5th grade Sunday School class on December 7, 2008. We focused on the question, Where can we start to share our faith?

Click here to listen!

Bible Verses of the Week

This is a 2 minute recording of our weekly Bible verse and lesson focus from November 16, 2008.

Click here to listen!.

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

This 9 minute and 26 second recording was created by our Sunday School class on October 26, 2008. We recorded these reflections after reading different Bible verses and talking with each other about the very challenging question, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?.

Click here to listen!

God is Everywhere!

This is a short (3 min 9 sec) recording from the end of our fifth grade Sunday School lesson on October 12, 2008, discussing what we talked about in class regarding God and how He is everywhere.

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