What we know about Easter

Today (Sunday, March 29, 2009) in our 5th grade Sunday School class we discussed the things we know about Easter, which are both Christian and secular, and took a walk around the church park looking for signs of spring / new growth. These are the results of our brainstorming together:

Things we know about Easter:
1. Easter bunny
2. Eggs
3. The boulder was rolled away
4. Chicken soup / ham
5. Lent (no meat)
6. Rooster crowed 3 times after Peter denied Christ
7. Tomb
8. Last supper (communion)
9. Crucifixion
10. Judas (betrayer – 30 pieces of silver)
11. Rebirth (spring)
12. Garden of Gethsemane
13. Crown of thorns
14. Resurrection
15. The candy! (money in eggs)
16. Wrapped in cloth
17. Easter clothes
18. Father, why have you forsaken me?
19. Angel by the tomb (spoke to them at the tomb)
20. Mary (watching)
21. Egg hunts
22. Jesus’ brothers betrayed him?

Signs we saw of Spring and new growth:
1. Blooms on trees and bushes
2. Snow melting
3. Birds chirping
4. Water running
5. Mud
6. Seed pods
7. Buds
8. Green grass
9. Warm sun
10. Blue sky
11. Sand box with a magnificent soccer ball in it

I encourage you to read the Easter story in your Bible the upcoming weeks with others in your family. We discussed many of the ideas/topics which the students brainstormed, and discussed how even though many people continue to celebrate aspects of the “secular” Easter, the most important part of Easter to remember is Jesus and his resurrection!

The next two weeks we will not meet as a separate class. Next Sunday for Palm Sunday we’ll be meeting in “Miracle Movies” with the rest of the elementary classes. On Easter Sunday, we’ll all participate in the special Easter celebration/party in the Family Life Center during the Sunday School hour.

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