VoiceThread: What Would Jesus Put On His iPod?

This is an eight photo VoiceThread digital story which we recorded today in Sunday School on the topic, “What Would Jesus Put On His iPod?” We used the scripts we worked on last week to record this VoiceThread.

Students recorded these audio clips today using Audacity. One of our students used Google Notebook and Flickr Creative Commons to locate the images to use in this digital story. He then imported the photos into VoiceThread, added the URL/website of each CC Flickr image to each VoiceThread slide, and uploaded the recorded audio from class to each photo.

Please add your own comments and feedback about this topic and our ideas to this VoiceThread, and as text comments to this post!

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3 comments so far

  1. April Imel on

    How beautiful! That was a poignant lesson, especially considering all the media that innindates our children today. Thank you for taking the time to post and email the link. It was great to share with grandparents too.

  2. Wesley Fryer on

    Thanks for sharing feedback, April! I’m so glad you all were able to listen to this as well as share it. I’m hoping we’ll encourage lots more conversations about our Sunday school themes by sharing what we are doing here on this blog.

    I think it is going to work out a lot better using a blog that does not require a login like Moodle does.

    Juliana is a joy to have in class, and I was very impressed with the ideas she came up with/contributed for this project. I’m hopeful we’ll get even more creative with our skits and movies as the semester progresses. 🙂

  3. […] is a verse we also cited in our past study, “What Would Jesus Put on his iPod.” We may not be able to control or change all the circumstances of our lives, but we can choose our […]

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