Spring 2009 Sunday School Themes

As a class, we brainstormed themes for this spring’s 5th grade Sunday school class. We have now used the “Grapple” curriculum from Group Publishing for three semesters. Rather than purchase another semester of curriculum, we are going to take individual lesson themes and discuss them for three weeks instead of just 1 week this spring. Our lesson cycle this year will therefore be (for each theme) for each week:

  1. Present and discuss the lesson theme and verses.
  2. Plan an audio script that we can record which addresses the lesson theme.
  3. Record the audio script (as a Reader’s Theater) and add photos to create a short video about the lesson.

We hope following this lesson cycle will help our students think more deeply about the topics we’re discussing this year. By actively CREATING scripts which will be used in a class movie for each topic, we hope students will take more ownership over their learning as they share their ideas with each other and our church community via this blog. We want the ideas we address in Sunday school to become discussions at home in school throughout the week. Rather than short lessons students simply hear and forget, we want these lessons and ideas to “stick” and be things which really make a difference in the lives of our students as they face challenges and make choices throughout the week.

This photo shows the results of our class brainstorming for themes and topics for Spring 2009:

Sunday school lesson brainstorm

Our themes this Spring will be:

  1. What would Jesus play on his iPod?
  2. What if my parents are unfair?
  3. Why do some people not go to church?
  4. Is it OK if I don’t get caught?
  5. Where is the ‘Holy iPod?”

This latter theme was an idea one of our fifth graders came up with during class, rather than something which was a written curriculum lesson from Group/Grapple.

In Fall 2008 we used a password-protected “Moodle” website to share lesson links, lesson plans, resources and class podcasts. This didn’t work out very well. We had lots of problems with people being able to log into the site, and it wasn’t great for sharing our work not only with parents but also with others in our community who are interested in following our work. For these reasons, we are SWITCHING our website for this spring to this “BLASTcast” blog website. We used this in past years for some podcasts created by elementary students on Wednesday nights as well as on Sundays. We hope this will be a better communication platform to share what we are doing and learning in Sunday School each week. Please feel free to post your own comments and questions here, as well as feedback for our students and teachers.

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